Tuesday, September 18, 2012

zumba zumba zumba

hi everyone, i mean if there is anyone reading this "hi!" 
so i started going to gym today, joined one instructed class which basically focuses on our lower body parts such as butt, legs and thigh. So that will be twice a week. 
And found out they have free zumba classes every other day that's the one i loved! Definitely going to zumba all the time from now on! And of course my fav yoga! 
So decided to get in shape with healthier way so no diets whatsoever! I will just sweat and work out my ass! lol :) right now i have so much motivation, we will see how long that would last! lol
But i know i can do it!!! :))     

Sunday, September 16, 2012

life in LA

Heeellooo my dearest Blog!

I know it's been awhile since my last post. It was April, i was in alaska and lived there almost five months which was great experience. I can't lie about missing my life in LA. But everything seems different when i came back. Somehow life in LA became boring, meaningless and unproductive. My school has started and it's been almost a month and i am still not getting used to it whatsoever. I was super excited about going back to school, i thought to myself " Finally i'm getting closer to finish this damn thing and get my freaking degree!!! " lol I guess it's kinda hard to get back to the regimen after a long break. you will be surprised how easily i get distracted from doing my homework or reading my textbooks.. like right now... i am actually supposed to finish my homework problems for my finance class and write two journal on my political science class which are due tomorrow.  Haven't even started them and instead of doing my homework i ended up here complaining on my blog how stupid and boring life is. Seriously, I haven't gone out with my friends since i came back, saw them couple of times had dinner and that was basically it.. i am staying home most of the time if not at school, and trying to find a new job and keep my self busy. I think there is something wrong with me, maybe i need a boyfriend hahaha life could get more interesting, right? 
anyways I really should get my hw done before i get sleepy and fall asleep. :P Well it was good to be back and nag about my life little bit.