Tuesday, September 18, 2012

zumba zumba zumba

hi everyone, i mean if there is anyone reading this "hi!" 
so i started going to gym today, joined one instructed class which basically focuses on our lower body parts such as butt, legs and thigh. So that will be twice a week. 
And found out they have free zumba classes every other day that's the one i loved! Definitely going to zumba all the time from now on! And of course my fav yoga! 
So decided to get in shape with healthier way so no diets whatsoever! I will just sweat and work out my ass! lol :) right now i have so much motivation, we will see how long that would last! lol
But i know i can do it!!! :))     


  1. Bi ch hudlood l bgaan tegeed hooloo nemej hasahgui bol ur dungui l bgaad bn daa. hoolnii ortson deeree ih anhaarah heregtei sanagdsan

  2. Hehe harin tehh ghde hool neh asuudal bish bh gj bodood bga :)

  3. who doesn't love zumba rite?? :D
    Gudluck and have loads of fun!

  4. Шинэ блог нээлээ. Зочилж байгаарай.